Grocery Guide

Each week, by noon on Wednesday, we send out our Grocery Guide, a digest of some, but not all, sales items in some, but not all, local grocery stores. This guide helps you review and compare sale prices. (We apologize for any typos and don’t guarantee any prices.)

Stores included: Albertsons/Safeway, Bashas’, Food City, Fry’s, Los Altos Ranch Markets, & Sprouts.

NOTE: the Grocery Guide includes lots of abbreviations. Review the list below.

See/download the current guide: Grocery Guide (Ends Apr 2, 2024)


To give you as much info as we can, we use some abbreviations:

(sel) selected items (the sale may not cover some items with the same brand and size).

“/” means “or” (as in “Coke/Pepsi”)

VluPk=Value/Family Pack (only prepackaged items qualify for the sales price)

total $25=Sale applies only if your total purchase is $25 or more.

w/cpn=Sale applies only if you present a coupon found in the store’s weekly ad (usually available in the store).

w/Dcpn=Sale applies only if you have signed up for the store’s digital coupons and have selected this item online.

FrSaSu, Wed, Thu, etc. (abbreviated days of the week–sale limited to this/these days)

(A/S)Albertsons/Safeway (B)ashas’ (F)ry’s (SP)routs (FC) Food City (RM) Los Altos Ranch Markets.

Also: ct=count, lmt=limit, can:=canned, oz=ounces, lb=pounds, veggies=vegetables. And sme othr wrds to mk thm ft.

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