Commercial Messages and Ads

Fees for Promoting Commercial Products and Services

Our mission at Neighborside is to provide a great way for neighbors to communicate with neighbors. Of course, this effort requires time and money. Our revenues come from those who pay to advertise their products and services in Neighborside. These sponsors make our newsletters possible. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to them if we allowed non-sponsors to promote their services at no charge, so we have chosen to charge a very reasonable fee for any ad that promotes services (or commercial products). Our fees start small and are reasonable enough that they can help neighbors seeking only a little money on the side.

Occasional (Micro Sponsor) Ads.

Our simplest ads are very similar to messages submitted by neighbors for other purposes. Like those messages, they can run for one, two, or three days and can be repeated as often as every two weeks. They reach your neighborhood and nearby neighborhoods based on the same rules as other messages. The only difference is that they are labeled as Micro Sponsor ads to acknowledge that the fee you have paid supports Neighborside.

Our current fees for these occasional (Micro Sponsor) ads are:

  • 1-day ad: $15
  • 2-day ad: $20
  • 3-day ad: $25

Full-blown (Sponsor) Ads.

As you get responses to your Micro Sponsor ads, you may want to consider setting up a full-blown (Sponsor) ad campaign. These cost a little more to set up, but send your message out more often and to more neighbors. For many true businesses, these ad campaigns prove to be a more cost effective way to get your message out to the neighborhood.

Discount: Independent Businesses Run Solely from Home

If your business or service is independent (not affiliated with any business in another location) and is run solely from your home or vehicle (no separate office, store, warehouse, etc.), then ask us about our special Independent Home Business discount on full-blown (sponsor) ads.

We Love Our Mini Sponsors and our Regular Sponsors

Great businesses benefit the neighborhood and we help great businesses find local customers. To learn about setting up your ads (either occasional mini sponsor ads or a full-blown ad campaign), contact us by clicking here: Neighborside Business Sponsor. Let us help you succeed.

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